Collaborative Discount

A collaborative discount is offered to facilitate the collection and interpretation of high quality nutrient supply data. Projects receiving collaborative discounts must submit a report on PRS™ Probe results to WAI within 3 months of project completion or 6 months following delivery of the PRS results. These research reports assist us in identifying potential problems that we may be able to assist with and provides us with research projects that we can highlight at scientific meetings and in our Technical Updates. Please note that this is done ONLY after receiving permission from the researcher to do so. In return, Western Ag Innovations provides project support from experienced R&D Coordinators and a 15% discount on the analysis price. Over 95% of our research clients receive collaborative discounts.

Final reports are due within six months of completion of analytical results. These can be brief and can be material or excerpts from material used for other purposes. Reports should address the following questions:

  1. What was the objective of the research with respect to PRS Probes?
  2. What motivated this research? (most important references or previous findings)
  3. How were PRS Probes used? (burial period, burial depth, number of probes per sample, control or monitoring of soil moisture, temperature and competing nutrient sinks)
  4. What were the main findings?
  5. What is the anticipated use of data? When? (e.g., thesis, paper publication, internal use only)