Empowering producers to Grow More Profit

Western Ag Professional Agronomy provides a deeper understanding of your soils using the award winning Plant Root Simulator (PRS®) technology. The company’s network of Independent Agronomy Consultants works with farm businesses to develop customized PRS Cropcaster® plans – a complete crop selection, nutrition and yield forecast that empowers farm business managers with the knowledge to Grow More Profit.

What our Customers are Saying...

"I’ve been using PRS CropCaster for three years now and it’s a great tool for finding the sweet spot with nitrogen rates in malt barley." (Read the full testimonial from The Spark, Beyond Agronomy)

Steve Larocque, Beyond Agronomy
Three Hills, Alberta

"The first time I used Western Ag, I decided to do one field with them and the rest of my fields with someone else that did regular soil testing. I followed recommendations from both but found that I got better fertilizer efficiency and a significantly higher yield from the field I did with Western Ag. After that first year trial, I switched over to Western Ag on the rest of the farm and have been working with them ever since. It’s been over 10 years and I would definitely recommend Western Ag to other farmers!"

Kevin McGill
Killarney, Manitoba

"I’ve been working with Western Ag since 2001. The first two to three years, I just tried a couple fields because we were trying to cut back on expenses, but after we saw the benefits, we decided it was an affordable investment in developing a fertility package for the entire farm. I like their approach with the PRS Cropcaster because they always go to economics first. I’ve recommended Western Ag to many farmers."

Brian Kennett
Sunny K Seeds
Manor, Saskatchewan