Winter Wheat Varieties

Western Ag offers several winter wheat varieties to help farmers Grow More Profit from reduced pesticide costs and high yield potential.



Winter Wheat Varieties Available

Varieties Available in Canada

Varieties Available in the USA

CDC Ptarmigan Accipiter
Sun Rise Peregrine


Winter Wheat Benefits

Winter wheat is a very attractive crop to grow in Western Canada and some northern States. It offers many advantages:

  • Increased return from every acre because of reduced pesticide costs and high yield potential.
  • Lower energy requirements as a result of reduced tillage and little pesticide use
  • Reduced selection pressure for herbicide (wild oat herbicide is usually not needed as winter wheat is a good weed competitor)
  • No need for insecticides due by avoiding wheat midge damage from early heading
  • Reduced risk of Fusarium head blight because of the wheat's early development and maturity
  • Avoidance of seeding problems such as, late, wet springs can be avoided because of the early seeding
  • Earlier harvest than spring wheat.