Customer Information

How our Service Works

  1. We charge based on the number of PRS® Probe analyses (samples) you’d like rather than on each individual PRS® Probe.  A sample can consist of one to four PRS® Probe pairs.
  2. We send you sufficient PRS® Probes for your study. Distribute the pairs of PRS® Probes within a single experimental unit (see detailed instructions)
    • Example: An experiment with 6 samples, each consisting of 4 pairs of PRS® Probes.
  3. At the end of the burial period, remove the PRS® Probes from the soil and thoroughly clean with deionized water. Combine ALL pairs per experimental unit into one sample. Place each sample into an individual, labeled Ziploc or similar resealable bag.
  4. Send back PRS® Probes to Western Ag for analysis with required documentation (see detailed instructions).
  5. Analytical results will be emailed to you within two to eight weeks of samples being received at the lab (longer periods during peak agricultural soil handling periods).