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Food production is essential. Western Ag's lab is OPEN and receiving shipments of samples.

Research Awards

Students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for awards of thirty (30) free PRS® Probe samples for their research. Competitions are held twice a year, in February and September.  To be notified about award competitions, please register here.

  • A  PRS® probe sample includes the use of up to four pairs of PRS® probes (anion and cation) and their analysis (NH4+, NO3-, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B, Al, Cd, and Pb).  The value of the award is $1200.

  • The application requires submission of a short research proposal

    • Objective that could be addressed using PRS® probe measurements
    • Summary of previous research
    • Description of proposed study

Download the Planning Guide for Plant Root Simulator (PRS®) Probes

Download the Application (MS Word)

If you are unable to download the application form, please email

  • Applications will be judged on the novelty of the proposed research, potential contribution to scientific understanding, and the quality of the research proposal.
  • Awarded PRS® probe samples must be used within six months unless prior approval is obtained for delayed use.
  • Please email inquiries about PRS® probe methods and research awards to



Notification of award competitions