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Soil Quality Assessment. Soil Science Step-by-Step Field Analysis

Snapp, S. S. and V. L. Morrone. 2008. acsesspublicati(soilsciencestep), 79-96. doi: 10.2136/2008.soilsciencestepbystep.c7


Summary: The term soil quality is often used to describe the ability to support crop growth, maintain the resource base, and protect the environment. Soil quality is difficult to measure because it is a broad, integrative concept, but it is necessary as a foundation for soil function and sustainable production systems. Soil quality includes biological, physical, and chemical properties. We present an overview of assessment of these properties, including field monitoring techniques and laboratory analyses that are useful as relatively rapid, inexpensive means to assess soil quality. Methods described here include up-to-date measures of biological, physical, and chemical aspects of soil quality, with the goal of an integrated view of soil quality and appropriate management.