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Effects of large herbivores on biodiversity of vegetation and soil microarthropods in low Arctic Greenland

Aastrup,P., K. Raundrup, J. Feilberg, P. H. Krogh, N.M. Schmidt and J.Nabe-Nielsen. 2014. Danish Centre for Environment and Energy


This report summarizes the results of a project that aims at documenting long term effects of grazing by comparing baseline data inside and outside exclosures. We collected data on vascular plants, mosses, lichens, microarthropod abundance and food-web structure, soil nutrients, decomposition, and soil temperature. Data provide a significant basis for understanding the interaction between large herbivores and vegetation in Greenland. The report contains documentation of data collected in 2009 and 2012 as well as documentation of data from 1984-2004 made available by Jon Feilberg.

Key Words

Vegetation, biodiversity, microarthropod, herbivores, sheep, caribou