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Zinc Fertilization of Lentil for Grain Yield and Grain Zinc Concentration in Ten Saskatchewan Soils

Maqsood, M.A., J. Schoenau and A. Vandenberg. 2016.


Fertilization of grain legumes with zinc (Zn) can affect both marketable yield and Zn content of the grain, which is important in addressing human nutritional deficiencies in certain regions of the world. A pot experiment was conducted to determine the response of three different market classes of lentil to Zn fertilization using ten surface soils from Saskatchewan (Canada). The distribution of Zn among labile and stable fractions chemically separated from the soil was also determined in the ten prairie soils and related to the lentil responses observed. The three market classes of lentils (large and small green, small red) were grown without Zn (control), and with 2.5 and 5 kg Zn ha-1 added as zinc sulfate to each soil prior to planting. Zinc fertilizer application significantly influenced grain yield and was soil dependent. A significant increase in grain yield over the control was observed from application of Zn on some low organic matter, high pH Brown Chernozem soils whereas a decrease in grain yield over control was observed in other soils such as a Black Chernozem of high organic matter content and low (<7) pH. Lack of positive yield response to addition of Zn were related to measured high diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA) extractable and plant root simulator (PRS) resin membrane probe Zn, and large amounts of native Zn in exchangeable and iron/manganese (Fe/Mn) oxide bound fractions. Application of Zn fertilizer generally increased the grain concentration of Zn. For example, an increase ͂ 20% in Zn concentration over control was observed when 5 kg Zn ha-1 was added to a loamy textured low organic matter Brown Chernozem soil. Overall, small green lentil was more consistent in producing a positive response to Zn fertilizer application on soils with low plant available Zn compared to large green lentil and small red lentil.

Key Words

Zinc, lentil, soil Zn fractions, grain yield