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Plant Available Phosphorus Analysis for Recently Acidified Soils of the Columbia Basin Washington State

Bair, K. E. and J. R. Davenport . 2013. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.


Soil acidification in the Columbia Basin (CB) of Washington State, brings into question the validity of the sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) extractable phosphorus (Olsen P, OP) method for making fertilizer recommendations. The objectives of this research are to (i) identify the soil test method (OP, Bray P, BP1; Mehlich-III, M3P; Morgan, MMP; and plant root simulator, PRS™ probes [Western Ag Innovations, Saskatoon, SK]) that correlates best with plant available P at pH < 7.0 in CB soils and (ii) evaluate relationships between OP and biomass production, plant tissue P and plant P uptake in acidified CB soils.