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Site-level importance of broadleaf deciduous trees outweighs the legacy of high nitrogen (N) deposition on ecosystem N status of Central Appalachian red spruce forests

Smith, K. R., J. M. Mathias, B. E. McNeil, W. T. Peterjohn and R. B. Thomas . 2016.


Atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition can influence forest ecosystem N status, and the resilience of forests to the effects of N deposition depends on a number of co-occurring environmental factors that regulate N retention or loss. In this study, we test the idea that N deposition may have important and long-lasting impacts on patterns of N cycling by using field and laboratory techniques to assess N status in seven high-elevation Central Appalachian red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) forests located at sites that historically received moderate to high inputs of N atmospheric deposition.