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Evaluation of phosphorus indices in recently acidified soil of the Columbia basin, Washington State

Bair, K. E.. 2012. Washington State


Continual application of ammoniacal sources of nitrogen fertilizer can result in decreased bulk soil pH. Many soils of the Columbia Basin (CB), Washington State are weakly buffered and therefore susceptible to acidification. This change in pH can result in altered phosphorus (P) chemistry and puts into question the validity of using certain P extraction methods that were intended for use on high pH soils. The purpose of this dissertation is to 1) identify the species of P that exist in acidified CB soils, 2) determine what differences in P sorption and availability extraction occur across a range of soil pH's and 3) evaluate if plant uptake and production differences arise with soils that have become acidified. Several CB soils were collected that represent a range of soil pH (5.2-8.4) and soil test P (3-331 mg P kg)

Key Words

Soil sciences, Agronomy, Fertilizer, Olsen Phosphorus, Phosphorus, Soil Analysis, Soil pH