Professional Agronomy Career Opportunities

I’ve been a Professional Agronomy Consultant with Western Ag for 12 years, sampling 150,000 acres and scouting approximately 30,000 acres annually using the PRS Technology. What I love about being a PAC with Western Ag are the results in yield and quality that I can help growers pull off! If anybody is passionate about agriculture and loves to help farmers make money, Western Ag is a great business to partner with.

Ken Harms, CCA
Western Ag Professional Agronomy Consultant
Ken’s Crop Care

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Grow Your Independent Business – Become a Professional Agronomy Consultant


Looking for a professional agronomy career? A place where award-winning technology and business processes align with an independent network of Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs)? Do you have a passion for empowering people with knowledge – and being part of a growing network that makes a difference to farmers? Are you eager for the opportunity to build your business with the support of the Western Ag Professional Agronomy Network? Do you seek the flexibility of working for yourself, growing your own business and setting your own earning potential?


Western Ag has openings across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota for independent, Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs).


Western Ag is a Professional Agronomy service company, powered by the award-winning Plant Root Simulator (PRS®) Technology. Western Ag provides an empowering, profitable and rewarding career opportunity for agronomists. Western Ag Professional Agronomy delivers the PRS Cropcaster® service, a complete crop selection, nutrition and yield forecasting service that empowers farmers with the knowledge to Grow More Profit.  


Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs) are highly motivated professionals who work one-on-one with farmers to develop and implement a customized PRS CropCaster® analysis. To deliver quality Cropcaster® recommendations, PACs are current with best agronomic practices and enjoy advising and educating farmers. PACs work independently; but also form a Professional Agronomy Network supported by a General Manager, as well the entire Western Ag team of professionals.  


  • ACCESS TO OUR AWARD-WINNING PRS® TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS MODEL: The combination of award-winning science (PRS® Probes and PRS Cropcaster® services) and the award-winning delivery model (PRS Cropcaster® Cycle) creates an immediate, sustainable advantage for Western Ag’s PAC network.
  • FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Set your schedule and your income generating potential. PACs are awarded with significant flexibility to achieve their independent business’ performance goals; PACs also experience significant time off in the off-season.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Western Ag supports the professional development of PACs in agronomy, business and sales through its Western Ag Academy and Knowledge Network.
  • BASE COMPENSATION AND ADDITIONAL INCENTIVES: A competitive commission model provides significant earning potential. Additional incentives may also be available.


  • AGRONOMICS: Through implementing a customized PRS Cropcaster® recommendation, farmers optimize crop returns by catering crop selection to the field, through evaluation of crop economics, and by using a balanced fertilizer blend. The resulting synergies enhance crop productivity with customers seeing significant yield increases.
  • ECONOMICS: By focusing on optimizing yields and maximizing profits, Western Ag applies the ‘law of diminishing returns’ and empowers farmers to Grow More Profit.
  • EDUCATION/EMPOWERMENT: As professional consultants, PACs are also educators. PACs present the options, farmers make the decisions and, collaboratively they produce a plan. Eighty percent of our customers feel that the PRS Cropcaster® tool is an empowering farm management decision support option (Integrow Study 2010).


  • You have the drive to succeed as an independent, Professional Agronomy Consultant for Western Ag;
  • You have the passion to help empower and educate farmers to Grow More Profit; and
  • You have the background in agronomy and skills to develop your PAC business (PAg or CCA preferred).