PRS Technology

Past Research

In what types of research have the PRS® Probes been used?

Since 1994, the utility of the PRS® Probes have supported their use worldwide in a number of different research scenarios ranging from measuring nutrient turnover following manure amendments to a surrogate measure of earthworm toxicity in heavy metal-contaminated soil. The utility of the PRS® Probes is well established and has been detailed in hundreds of refereed scientific papers and hundreds of post-graduate theses to date.

Research Scenario using PRS® Probes


Fertilizer, manure, cover crops and compost amendments involving a wide range of annual and perennial crops, pasture systems, as well as in vegetable and fruit productions.


LTSP sites, harvesting and site preparation effects, disturbance regimes, interspecific competition, 'undisturbed' vs. disturbed sites.


LTER sites, soil nutrient dynamics as affected by global climate change and urbanisation; grassland ecosystem studies including: fire and grazing disturbances and biological control agent effects on plant species richness and diversity; invasive species.


Heavy metal toxicity; salinity; nutrients in run-off water.