PRS Cropcaster® Cycle

PRS Cropcast Cycle

Independent Agronomy Consultants guide producers through the annual PRS Cropcaster® cycle, from initial consultation to a post-crop review.  Independent Agronomy Consultants stay connected to producers throughout the year, allowing them to make profitable decisions after major weather events or condition changes.

The PRS Cropcaster® cycle helps create several scenarios for producers to make choices about their crops and inputs. By updating the scenarios with relevant changes, producers can make informed mid-season decisions and a post-crop followup provides an understanding of their return on investment and a solid start to the next year.

The PRS Cropcaster® cycle follows these steps:

Initial Consultation
It starts with an initial consultation to discuss a producers needs and introduce the PRS® technology.

Soil Collection & PRS® Analysis
Soil samples undergo Western Ag’s patented PRS® soil analysis for a highly effective measure of the soil's available nutrients.

PRS Cropcaster® Session
Professional Agronomy Consultants meet with growers for an individualized PRS Cropcaster® session using Western Ag’s PRS Cropcaster® software.

Pre-Seed Follow Up
A quick Pre-Seed follow up will ensure things are on track and the PRS Cropcaster® recommendations are still current.

PRS® MidCast
Our Midcast step represents the in-season support we offer to help ensure everything is going as planned.

PRS® BackCast and Performance Review
After harvest, the actual nutrient application, climate conditions, and yields are inputted into the PRS Cropcaster® tool for a PRS® Backcast report. This critical stage allows you and your customer to compare the PRS Cropcaster® recommendations to actual performance.