PRS Cropcaster® Service Package

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The PRS Cropcaster® package is an affordable and comprehensive option that can help you grow more profit. Contact your local Professional Agronomy Consultant (PAC) today to book your acres.

In addition to ongoing support from your PAC, the PRS CropCaster® Service Package includes the following:

  • Initial Consultation
  • PRS® Probe Soil Analysis
  • Pre-Seeding Followup
  • PRS Cropcaster® Planning Session
  • Use of the PRS Cropcaster® tool during the PRS Cropcaster® Cycle
  • MidCast, Pre-Harvest Session
  • BackCast, Post-Harvest Performance Review
  • Field-by-Field Soil Collection
  • Inidividual Field PRS Cropcaster® Recommendation
  • Individual Field Economic Analysis & Optimization